Walking With Dragons

  Have you ever seen a really big freakin’ lizard? I did recently. They are so big that they are commonly called a dragon, Komodo dragons...

Me and Sadhus in Kathamndu

The Holy Men of Kathmandu, Nepal

  The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is sort of a religious gumbo primarily composed of Hinduism, with a dash of Tibetan Buddhism thrown in...

Diving With Emma and The Sharks of Tiger Beach

Despite what the producers of “Shark Week” might tell you, having a face to face encounter with a real live shark is hard. You...

My Journey to the Remote Town Tongli, China

I decided to begin my first visit to Asia, not in some big Westerner friendly-McDonald’s and Starbuck laden city where everyone speaks English...

Cocos Island Costa Rica Hammerhead Shark Week

Diving With The Sharks Of Cocos Island

My fascination with sharksbegan at an early age. During a deep sea fishing excursion when I was 10, I became obsessed with catching a shark. My mom...

Feet Held To The Fire

I traveled to Fiji recently in search of awesome reef diving and an opportunity to get up close and personal with some sharks. What didn’t...

Social Media and Travel

Here’s a neat little graphic that shows some stats about social media use and travel. It is provided by the good folks over at Triplapp. This...

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